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For listening over the summer, our wonderful volunteer Rosie Ward has put together a list of podcasts and episodes about periods, enjoy! 

The Period Podcast ft. Anjali Surana, Jane Bennett, Laura Coryton and Dr Shraddha Kapile

This chat discusses menstrual hygiene management with four experts in their field including our very own Chalice Foundation Founder Jane Bennett. 

Binge Thinking Episode 51 – Menstruation and Menopause with Casimira Melican

Casimira Melican (Co-Editor, The Leak) talks to Caspar Roxburgh all about menstruation. Talking through topics such as the book About Bloody Time, the Victoria Women’s Trust’s menstrual leave policy and the continual stigma and shame associated with menstruation and menopause.

Period Queen
Lucy Peach

“Solar power, wind power, tidal power and now, menstrual power.” This podcast promises to turn the worst thing about your period into the best thing, “learn how you can life hack your cycle for creativity, productivity, connection and self-love.”  Hosted by author, period preacher, musician of Period Queen Lucy Peach.

After Work Drinks podcast – That Time of the Month: WTF Even Are Hormones? And How Do They Affect Your Mental Health?

In this episode Grace and Isabelle talk about where they were when they first got their period, how the lack of education and information for young women during that time is damaging and why Grace used to wear pads to school for no reason. Then, class is in session for a chat about hormones and their impact on womxn’s mental health. This is part one of a three part series on periods.

PERIOD with Kate Clancy 

PERIOD is a podcast where anything and everything to do with the menstrual cycle is explored, most especially the bloody bits. Kate Clancy is a scientist who discusses with guests and experts everything period related.

Ladies, We Need To Talk- Let’s slay menstrual taboos

 Listen to this episode of ‘Ladies We Need To Talk about slaying menstrual taboos. Guests include Karen Pickering, feminist writer and activist, Jane Ussher University Professor of Women’s Health and Kiran Gandhi, the activist who ‘free-bled’ while running the London Marathon.


If you have any other suggestions please get in touch or comment below and we will happily add them to this list!

Rosie Ward

Volunteer, Chalice Foundation

A regular contributor to The Leak, Rosie Ward is a full-time post graduate student at the University of Melbourne. She is interested in finding effective policy solutions to gender inequalities and the power of feminist literature. She combines these interests in her role as Babes in Books director. When not doing that you can find her tending to her growing cactus collection.