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Foundations of Menstrual Education

The FOME program provides practical, engaging and evidence-based menstrual education training for all those who wish to create a positive menstrual culture where they live, work, learn and play.


An overwhelming majority of women, and others who menstruate, report a negative, poorly supported experience of menarche and this has not improved significantly for girls going through puberty today.

Many girls start their period before they finish primary school, and others are wondering when it will happen to them. Current research shows a majority anticipate their period with dread, disgust, embarrassment and even shame, and way too often share experiences of bullying when their body shows signs of going through puberty and when they begin their periods

As adults many who have challenging premenstrual, menstrual and menopausal symptoms are unaware that these aren’t normal or simply ‘womens’ lot’. As a result serious conditions often go un- or under-reported, and all too commonly, front line health professionals, who themselves have had little to no training in menstrual or menopausal health, have scant help to offer. 

None of this is necessary and can easily be replaced with a culture and education that promotes health, confidence and agency – positive menstrual education in every forum, stage, nook and cranny of modern life.

Australian and international studies have linked girls’ experience of menarche and menstruation to impacts on

  • the risk of depression

  • self-esteem

  • body image

  • confidence in peer relationships

  • the confidence to make healthy choices

  • later childbirth experiences.

Similarly reports have linked challenging symptoms and conditions of menstruation, perimenopause and menopause with major impacts on

  • the capacity to pursue a chosen career

  • relationships and fertility

  • long term health

  • personal finances

  • mental health

  • timely diagnosis and treatment.

What can we do differently to create more positive outcomes?

We can promote a positive menstrual culture at school, at work, at play and at home with confident communication about preparation for menstruation, body literacy, menstrual management and self-care, plus well-informed and broad support of these as a normal and natural part of a life.

Our Foundations of Menstrual Education trainers are education, health and community service professionals with a special interest and skills in positive menstrual education. We have a commitment to bringing the best evidence, best resources and best practice to support participants in their quest to create a positive menstrual culture in their communities.

I'm always looking for ways to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the menstrual cycle. This course provided extensive scientific evidence that allowed me to delve deeper into the latest research and some amazing minds in this field of work. I would highly recommend this course to anyone working with menstruators at whatever stage of their personal journey, be it menarche right through to perimenopause and menopause. You will love it and you will thank yourself afterwards! ENJOY!

Keitha Theodore, Biology teacher and Celebration Day for Girls facilitator

Foundations of Menstrual Education is a truly groundbreaking way for teachers to upskill themselves on how to create a positive culture around menstruation.

Angela White, Chief Operations Officer, The Rite Journey

This course is so full of value and beautifully designed in the delivery of information, the latest writings, findings and studies in the menstrual space alongside gentle reflective opportunities. It was soundly academically referenced with each module offering great extension resources. The scope of material was large and full – a truly rigorous offering in contemporary foundational menstrual education. This was alongside a delivery from deeply authentic and wise and experienced teachers.

Anne Hall, teacher and film maker

I've been an educator for over 10 years and have been studying and teaching about the menstrual cycle for 4 and FOME has added a significant foundation for me in moving forward with this work, and I'm so grateful to be connected to a new network of inspiring women around the world.

Zahava Mandlebaum

Foundations of Menstrual Cycle Education

You can enrol for the next intake of FOME from Tuesday 16th July, 2024. The Early Bird rate will be available until 5pm AEST on Tuesday 6th of August. Don’t worry! If you’ve signed up for our newsletter we’ll remind you of these dates, probably several times 😉

The course includes self study material and live support, both within the course and in 8 weekly tutorial sessions. You’ll be able to make a start on the self study material as soon as you enrol and the tutorial sessions run from Thursday 5th September to Thursday 24th of October. To make it easy for you to attend we offer two times for the tutorial sessions, which we’ll confirm before the start date. The extensive self study materials will be available for 24 months from enrolment.

FOME is a prerequisite for the Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator Training.