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This workshop for girls 10-12 years old with their mother or female carer is designed to inspire curiosity, wonder and appreciation of the changes of puberty and the onset of menstruation.

With the intention to overturn secrecy and embarrassment Celebration Day for Girls nurtures connection, normalisation and openness through practical and positive information, stories and fun activities.

Celebration Day for Girls is now available in 27 countries.


Ying: My daughter was full of enthusiasm and confidence after the Celebration Day and desperate to remember and tell every little detail … a great change from the apprehensive girl I dropped off in the morning. We were all held in the most respectful way at the perfect level of depth, feeling connected without delving into anybody’s “stuff”, giving our girls just the right blend of practical knowledge, fun activities and stories.

Susan: We all found the experience very enjoyable, comfortable, loving and bonding. The change in our girls was immediate. A great surge of relief and understanding seemed to have washed through them and bonded them together as sisters. My daughter Lily recently was the first to get her period. As a mother who attended the Celebration Day, I was still blown away by the new level of confidence and maturity with which Lily welcomed the experience.

Amaya: Layla came home that night and informed her dad and almost-12 year old brother about all the amazing, wonderful things she learned!!

Fiona: Thank you so much for such a beautiful weekend. It was such a deep delight to share that space with my beautiful girl and to feel a new dimension emerge in our relationship since. So lovely!

Cassandra: Kate truly benefited from her day with you and the other girls and is now menstruating as are at least two of the others. She’s informed me that her younger sister definitely needs to participate when she turns eleven.

Lou: My daughter, Jess, blossomed and grew in confidence after the Celebration Day for Girls, her menarche experiences magically transformed. Words cannot express my gratitude for this pioneering work with girls and menarche. I know the repercussions of this workshop will have a profound effect on my daughter from her first cycle, supporting her friends, puberty, birth and motherhood and beyond, until menopause. A big thank you!