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What does facilitator training involve?

You will learn about how to support young people in a way that is relevant and respectful, while providing an open door to questions and practical needs.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Tips on talking about the menstrual cycle and changes during puberty
  • How to recognise and work with the different stages of the menstrual cycle
  • How to maximise energy and emotional wellbeing with cycle awareness
  • Understanding the pervasive and harmful effects of menstrual shame
  • Long-term impacts of positive or negative attitude towards your body
  • Features of positive menstrual education
  • Detailed theory and practice of the Celebration Day for Girls program.


Three to four days (schedule dependent) of facilitated workshop-style sessions with content delivery, group exercises and discussion.

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Melinda: As a holistic health practitioner and birth doula, I feel the Celebration Day for Girls program is excellent preventative health care for women. Learning to listen to and trust the natural cycles of the body at the threshold of menarche, creates a strong foundation of wisdom for the girls to reference as they journey through the life spectrum as women – whatever challenges may present.

Ange: The workshops are a joy to facilitate. I love watching girl’s confidence grow and their curiosity develop until they are walking out at the end of the day with their hearts full and their heads held high. Empowering girls and fostering their connection with their mum is a privilege and a gift that just keeps on giving. The research states it, these workshops prove it – and the Mum’s feedback reinforces it every time – that a positive introduction to menstruation really supports ongoing mother daughter connections.


Kate: The CDG facilitator training was absolutely fantastic!!  I had pretty high expectations but I have to say that it was even better than I could ever have imagined.  There was warmth, love, support, tears and so much laughter, and I believe that it was healing for all of us there, even though that wasn’t the intent.  I feel I now have the tools and skills to run my own workshops and I have the support and network of some truly amazing women to help me deliver the course to it’s full potential.  I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to work in this field, it was amazing!”

Jac: Thanks for providing an absolutely fantastic, supportive, inspiring, and thought-provoking training.

Ingrid: The CDG training expanded my world and empowered me.  I drove home feeling as if I had so many more options, both professionally and personally. I felt even more passionate about the importance of this work.  I feel the potential of deep cultural change from our training together and for every CDG that will flow from it.  The  training offered a safe and nourishing space in which connections, confidence and supported growth were natural outcomes.  I now glow with the thought we share the vision of this work with clarity.

Anne: Attending the facilitator training for A Celebration Day For Girls was both a culmination of many years personal work leading me there and an exciting new beginning all in one.  The days were filled with delicious information presented in the womanly art form of circle.  There were many spaces of sharing created between all the wonderful women present and Jane so wisely held the space prompting our sharing and learning and moving us through the great wealth of knowledge she has to offer.  If this work calls to you, then this is one of the most exciting and satisfying experiences you will find.  It was a training so full of generosity that I left replete with my creative juices burning and the confidence to begin the sharing of A Celebration Day For Girls.