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Fathers have a special and important role to play as their daughters metamorphose from little girls through puberty to menstruating and fertile young women. Are you ready? Are you overwhelmed? Or are you sailing through? Expect a lively and quite possibly enlightening discussion with many great tips and ideas for fathers wishing to open and maintain conversations with their daughters.

Fathers Celebrating Daughters was created in response to the requests of men wanting to understand and support their daughters through their tween and teen years.

Fathers Celebrating Daughters involves just fathers and has been attended by fathers of daughters of all ages, from little girls to older teenagers and beyond. Working with the age of daughters and the interests and concerns of attendees, facilitators shape the workshop to suit the needs and concerns of those present. However, in the main this workshop has been held for men whose daughters are approaching or traversing puberty. Very often this workshop is scheduled for shortly before, or soon after, A Celebration Day for Girls at a school or in a community.

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Kim: It was great to get together and share experiences with other dads whose daughters are at a similar stage of life as mine. I don’t feel so alone in all the upheaval now. There are other men who understand and have been there too … and had some great ideas and strategies.

Steve: I felt really comfortable and there was good mix of practical guidance as well as thought provoking questions and discussions.

Marco: I really liked hearing everyone’s stories and feeling okay about telling mine. By the end I felt like I had lots of new insights into not only my daughter but my wife as well.