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With a sense of purpose and passion many have given their time, hospitality and skills to promote positive menstrual education. Since 2000 many mothers, fathers and teachers have supported Celebration Day for Girls, Fathers Celebrating Daughters and Mense-Ed. Thank you!

Now, with the establishment of the Chalice Foundation, there is more to do.

If you feel passionately about girls receiving positive information and support through puberty, menarche and beyond, or promoting menstrual education at your workplace or in your community, we would love to hear from you. Volunteer activities may be as simple as helping to spread the word, or in time taking responsibility for a key area of operation; they may be in person at various sites where our programs occur, or online, researching or editing for instance. We welcome student placements and apprenticeships.

Support, training and a warm welcome awaits you. Drop us a line – let’s make a time to chat.

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