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Sharon Moloney: A positive menarche experience, where a girl is honoured and empowered and taught to be in contact with her own needs, facilitates her later giving birth fearlessly and powerfully.

Gun Rombeck: Widespread derogatory attitudes to menstruation and the lack of recognition, mentoring or celebration at menarche contain powerful, often unspoken, messages about the value of a girl’s status and what she can expect as a mature woman in Western Society.

Chris Bobel: Menstrual literacy is the capacity to read and understand the body. (The Managed Body)

Eve Ensler: The menstrual cycle is a vital and vitalising process in women and girls. It is a stress sensitive system and when properly understood, physically and psychologically, provides a unique means of inner guidance and self-care.

My new philosophy is a longing for women to stop trying to transcend their body, in an assertion of intellectual equality, but to name and return to it as the source of female wisdom and power. Women have fallen for a post-feminist delusion that the greater their physical self-control, the greater their prospects of happiness, not realising that alienation from their own bodies actually destroys the possibility of empowerment.  (The Vagina Monologues)

Geraldine Matus: The better you come to know how your body works as a woman and research the effects of various reproductive health treatments, the more you will be empowered and informed in such a way that you can operate with informed consent.

China Gallard: My enemy is my own way of ignoring the authority of my own experience.  (Longing For Darkness – Tara and the Black Madonna)

Natalie Angier: The uterus grows. The uterus retreats. It is not unlike the heart, a large powerful muscle that swells, shrinks, twitches and be-bops. Oscillations and deep rhythms are the source of life, the principle of life; even cells work through pulsatile mechanisms…

If we respond to music viscerally, it is because our viscers are the original percussionists, and the heart and the uterus are among the most perceptible of our natural pacemakers.  Beyond rhythmicity, the heart and the uterus share another quality, their association with blood. Not all women breed, but nearly all women bleed, or have bled.   (Woman: An Intimate Geography)


poem in praise of menstruation

if there is a river

more beautiful than this

bright as the blood

red edge of the moon

if there is a river

more faithful than this

returning each month

to the same delta

if there is a river

braver than this

coming and coming in a surge

of passion, of pain

if there is a river

more ancient than this

daughter of eve

mother of cain and of abel

if there is in the universe such a river

there is somewhere water

more powerful than this wild


pray that it flows also

through animals

beautiful and faithful and ancient

and female and brave

Lucille Clifton, 1991