A Blessing Not a Curse


A mother-daughter guide to the transition from child to woman

By Jane Bennett

Girls who have a positive experience of menarche and their ongoing menstrual cycle are able to grow into the confidence and self-awareness that conscious, positive and healthy menstruating can offer. Menstruation is an aspect of their blossoming sexuality – an inward time to be with themselves, a time to explore their rhythmic changes and start to get to know the fertile and infertile times of their menstrual cycle – long before they embark on sexual relationships.

Health practitioners, educators and carers can explore their own experiences of menarche, menstruation and fertility, and the influences of family and culture, and by getting to know, make friends with and honour our own cycle help the girls in their care to achieve a healthy menstrual experience. By honouring menstruation and the menstrual cycle, rather than treat it as an interference, an annoyance, useless and disgusting, we can vastly improve our own experiences, discover the hidden creative potentials of riding our emotional and energetic rhythms, and support girls toward an experience of menstruation as a blessing, rather than a curse.