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Throughout the ages the menstrual cycle has been understood as the primary pulse of women’s lives, coursing with rhythms both lunar and earthly.

How women and girls have understood, enjoyed or suffered this rhythm has varied wildly with time and place and personal circumstances.

The fruit of the menstrual cycle is each one of us, and yet contemporary research shows attitudes, experiences and judgements skewing dramatically to the negative, frequently characterised by shame, silence, isolation and shocking ignorance.

The purpose of the Chalice Foundation is to challenge these negative cultural norms, provide quality menstrual education for diverse settings and groups, and to support menstrual educators.

How can we help you today?

We are menstrual educators

who have been offering a positive menstrual education model through our programs in schools and communities since 2000. This includes an understanding of menstrual shame and fostering shame resilience, the social and emotional features of our menstrual cultural inheritance, and how this is perpetuated today.

We aim to foster society-wide transformation of shame and silence, isolation and ignorance with positive menstrual education programs, a new holistic model of menstrual wellbeing and support for menstrual educators.


How and what we learn about menstruation is important

We have programs for men and women, boys and girls, teachers, health professionals and human resources managers. Positive menstrual education is for everyone.


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Supports for a positive menstrual culture

See our recommended books, DVDs, menstrual products, games and gifts. Inspiring tools for teaching, gifting and celebrating.


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