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The fruit of the menstrual cycle is each one of us, yet contemporary research shows attitudes, experiences and judgements skewing dramatically to the negative, frequently characterised by shame, silence, isolation and a shocking lack of basic information.
This is equally true for menopause.

The purpose of the Chalice Foundation is to challenge negative cultural norms and provide quality – that is positive, broad and evidence-based – menstrual education for all settings and groups.
Positive menstrual education is for everyone!

Chalice Programs

Foundations of Menstrual Education teaches how to design and implement positive menstrual programs in all settings

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Celebration Day for Girls supports a confident start to menstrual life with positive period preparation

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WorkCycle offers valuable programs for menstrual & menopausal wellbeing in the workplace

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I just wanted to say that the WorkCycle sessions on menopause and menstruation were so informative, absolutely fantastic, and made me cry a little bit (with relief and gratitude). I highly recommend these sessions to every workplace. Please pass on my thanks!!!
Lydia, Auckland

I've been an educator for over 10 years and have been studying and teaching about the menstrual cycle for 4. The Foundations of Menstrual Education course has added a significant foundation for me to move forward with this work. I will continuously be referring back to the resources and am so grateful to be connected to a new network of women around the world.
Zahava, New York

My ten year-old daughter and I went to a Celebration Day for Girls workshop recently, which included great information and activities around the subject of puberty and menarche. When we came home she told her dad and 12 year old brother about all the amazing, wonderful things she'd learned!
There has also been a shift in our mother/daughter relationship and I feel so much more confident and able to guide and support her through her next stage maturation. It's like we've been initiated into a special club, exclusive to just the two of us - it's wonderful 🙂
Ange, Melbourne

Loved hearing everyone’s stories at Fathers Celebrating Daughters and feeling okay about telling mine. By the end I felt like I had lots of new insights into not only my daughter, but my wife as well. And I certainly feel much more equiped to understand and support them during their periods.
Marco, Adelaide

FOME was full of value for me. So beautifully designed in the delivery of information, the latest writings and studies in the menstrual space, and reflective opportunities. It was soundly academically referenced with each module offering vast resources. This was alongside a delivery from deeply authentic, wise and experienced teachers. It was thoroughly engaging and rich in material offering.
Anne, Melbourne

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It is clear that there is a hunger for improving workplaces, a desire to be rid of the negativity associated with the menstrual taboo and to put in place policies and actions to make life easier, more productive and healthier for many people.

Ourselves at Work

Breaking the deadlocks of shame, anxiety and fear, by connecting menstruation with vitality, health, integrity and dignity: this is what we mean when we talk about revolutionising menstrual culture.

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