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The fruit of the menstrual cycle is each one of us, yet contemporary research shows attitudes, experiences and judgements skewing dramatically to the negative, frequently characterised by shame, silence, isolation and a shocking lack of basic information.
This is equally true for menopause.

The purpose of the Chalice Foundation is to challenge negative cultural norms and provide quality – that is fun, positive, wide-ranging and evidence-based – menstrual education for all settings and groups.
Positive menstrual education is for everyone!

Chalice Programs

Foundations of Menstrual Education teaches how to design and implement positive menstrual programs in all settings

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Celebration Day for Girls supports a confident start to menstrual life with positive period preparation

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WorkCycle offers valuable programs for menstrual & menopausal wellbeing in the workplace

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I just wanted to say that the sessions on menopause and menstruation were so informative, absolutely fantastic and made me cry a little bit, please pass on my thanks!!!

Thanks for organising the menopause and work event, I found it very interesting and informative and really could relate to a lot of the things that were discussed. Hopefully it can pave the way for positive change for a lot of women of all ages and at different stages of their lives.

Thank you very much for organising yesterday’s conference, it was very informative and hopefully is something that can help start a shift mindset in the workplace re menstruation and menopause.

What a fantastic session! Thank you so much!

We’ve been trying to open up the conversation about menopause at work, and did a feature article recently on our staff Intranet page, with a great response. Your Menopause Wellbeing at Work presentation was so informative and hit a great note for discussing issues that unfortunately still remain so ‘closed off’ in so many workplace.

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It is clear that there is a hunger for improving workplaces, a desire to be rid of the negativity associated with the menstrual taboo and to put in place policies and actions to make life easier, more productive and healthier for many people.

Ourselves at Work

Breaking the deadlocks of shame, anxiety and fear, by connecting menstruation with vitality, health, integrity and dignity: this is what we mean when we talk about revolutionising menstrual culture.

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