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Foundations of Menstrual Education

The FOME program provides practical, engaging and evidence-based menstrual education training for all those who wish to create a positive menstrual culture where they live, work, learn and play. 

  • Many girls will start their period before they finish primary school, and many more will be wondering when they will start
  • Currently a majority of girls anticipate their periods with dread, disgust, embarrassment and even shame. Some experience period-shaming and bullying about the changes of puberty
  • An overwhelming majority of women report a negative, poorly supported experience of menarche and this has not improved significantly for girls going through puberty today

Australian and international studies have linked girls’ experience of menarche and menstruation to impacts on

  • the risk of depression
  • self-esteem
  • body image
  • confidence in peer relationships
  • the confidence to make healthy choices
  • later childbirth experiences.
What can we do differently to create a more positive outcome?

We can promote a positive menstrual culture at school, at work, at play and at home with confident communication about preparation for menstruation, body literacy, menstrual management and self-care as a natural and easy part of a girl’s life.

Our Foundations of Menstrual Education trainers are education, health and community service professionals with a special interest and skills in positive menstrual education. We have a commitment to bringing the best evidence, best resources and best practice to support participants in their quest to create a positive menstrual culture in their communities.

Details of the upcoming Foundations of Menstrual Education will be available mid-2023 or before.  If you would like to be among the first to hear sign up here or direct your enquiries to:


Tanja Novakovic, Primary School Teacher: The Foundations of Menstrual Education program has given me practical ways to build self-esteem and teach about puberty and menstruation that really addresses what young people need to know about their bodies.

Angela White, Executive Officer, Adolescent Success: Foundations of Menstrual Education is a great way for teachers to upskill themselves on how to create a positive culture around menstruation.

Sue MacDonald, School Counsellor: Foundations of Menstrual Education opened our eyes to the importance of this awareness for our school. We are excited about implementing your recommendations and can already see benefits for girls (and staff!).

David Morse, School Principal: Thank you for your fascinating presentation. I’m keen for more of our teachers to receive the Foundations of Menstrual Education training, so together we can create a positive menstrual culture across the school.